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《中国药物经济学评价指南》 (2008-2015)

发布日期:2017-07-05 09:24:00 来源:北京大学国家发展研究院

《中国药物经济学评价指南》 (2008-2015)

Chinese Pharmacoeconomics (PE) Guidelines


The main function of PE guidelines is to evaluate the true economic values of medical technologies. The PE analytical tools have been used increasingly in decision-making progress for the financing and management of medical products in the drug policy formulary and clinical decisions. Pharmacoeconomic guidelines can be used as a standard for the PE study of a product to be included in the drug formulary; a guide for designing and implementing a study; or a template for PE reports by decision makers. With the efforts of the PKU research group, together with the domestic and international consultants, the Chinese Pharmacoeconomic Guidelines have been documented. The Guidelines are intended to help facilitate the development of Pharmacoeconomic research, and to improve the efficiency of healthcare resources allocation in China.